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Originally Posted by BST

This is one of those little things that we forgot to tell you about!

The reason that the thread wasn't there is that it is over 30 days old.

When you are on the Forum page (for the Colonial Library or any other of the sub-forums), there is an area in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen that looks like this:

Display Options

Showing threads
Sorted By:
Thread Starter Sort Order:
From the:

The default, at CF, is to display threads for the LAST 30 DAYS. However, in the "From the:" drop down menu, you can select a number of options for displaying the threads. Most often, the easiest one to choose is "From the: BEGINNING".

I just "bumped" the thread, to have it appear new. Otherwise, you can use the above method, to scan the database for any thread.


Here is the link to the story thread. In such a case as it scrolling off the page again, can you put this link into your first post of this thread so people will have a quick access right to it?
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