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Originally Posted by Stray Viper
I loved it, having read it again! This would make a good movie/continuation. The end ... I agree with Jewels. Of course, I respect your reasons for that. Any way to edit the download so as to include the Galactica soundtrack while reading?

14th ... what if you took this synopsis and "stretched" it out over 20 or so episodes and made it the missing season of Battlestar Galactica? Your story is definitely big enough to cover that much ground.
Sorry, I don't know anything about linking the download to music score. If it was housed on my own site and I knew what I was doing, maybe, but it isn't and I don't. Know what I'm doing, that is.

20 or so episodes, like a TV series? That could work, though it is really one story mixed with different character storylines, unlike something that could be 20 or so seperate episodes with their own contained story. But, I suppose it could be worked out so that there were contained storylines along with the continuing storyline through a series. Kind like a BSG "24", or maybe "72" since the story takes place in more than one day. Although, it is really set up to be a few week's time. But anywho, at this point it wouldn't work, with a BSG already on the air.

BTW, perhaps a sequel might be in order. Anyone insterested in reading a follow up?
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