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Originally Posted by Matador View Post
I'm using 3ds Max.

Your right about it not being accurate... I googled some blueprints and just saved a couple of the blueprints that first popped up. and used those as reference.
Because i'm a bit impatient... I just created a low poly model and through on some texture maps.

I'm really looking into lightwave.
Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
computer in the garage, sounds like a good idea

Have you got the studio model reference pics, there's about 500 photos of the original studio model somewhere for download cant remember where the site was.

look forward to seeing the rebuild

I can understand that but I have learned to spend time getting the over all shape right as I can.. it save the pain later

here are some links ,, first up is the bast Reference your going to find. for BSG.... by one of our member here 137th Gebirg aka Jim Stevenson

Public Domain Pictures of the Big G

you can download lightwave and try it out for a month ..
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