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Originally Posted by Matador View Post
Well, I decided to start over from scratch my model of Galactica.

I'm going to try and add better detail and actually try to model her more accurately.
But trying to juggle a full time job and being a parent of two, kinda cuts into my fun time.
I work all day on computers, just to come home and do it again. You get were I'm going.
Maybe I should move my computer to the garage. I can then have my Cigar and model at the same time. Hmmmm
Anyhew, I sort of quickly created my new CG Galactica.

I'm currently working on the detail of the hull plating and all the little things that go around the hull.
I've learned a few new texturing techniques... So I will be appling those as I go.

She may not be as accruate as I would like, but due to time constraints and me being impatient and wanting to animate right away.
Maybe, one day, I can be a big time movie producer... I can then consentrate of modeling full time. Whew, that would be cool!

the new one looks better ..

but still not quite right if you want to be more accurate ... what refs are you using ...... and remind me again what program your using
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