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Well, I decided to start over from scratch my model of Galactica.

I'm going to try and add better detail and actually try to model her more accurately.
But trying to juggle a full time job and being a parent of two, kinda cuts into my fun time.
I work all day on computers, just to come home and do it again. You get were I'm going.
Maybe I should move my computer to the garage. I can then have my Cigar and model at the same time. Hmmmm
Anyhew, I sort of quickly created my new CG Galactica.

I'm currently working on the detail of the hull plating and all the little things that go around the hull.
I've learned a few new texturing techniques... So I will be appling those as I go.

She may not be as accruate as I would like, but due to time constraints and me being impatient and wanting to animate right away.
Maybe, one day, I can be a big time movie producer... I can then consentrate of modeling full time. Whew, that would be cool!

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