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Default Re: Blood and Chrome on SyFy

Originally Posted by 137th Gebirg View Post
Looking forward to the BluRay next week. Yeah, some of the CG was clearly skimped on, but overall I found it to be pretty enjoyable. It was not nearly as dour and depressing as NuBSG and it had more of the high action and mystery of TOS.
I liked it, and for these reasons:

1) Action.
2) Vipers.
3) Classic Cylon raiders.
4) Different characters (not a retelling.)
5) Adama was still idealistic, which gave it the idealistic tone of TOS.
6) Husker and Coker... some of that fun TOS Apollo and Starbuck banter.
7) You get to see more Battlestars.
8) The show is about how the humans win... for a change. :P
9) Prototype Six was very 80's Sci-Fi art concept interesting.
10) Liked the dogfight between Vipers/Raptors and Raiders over the ice planet.
8) Cylons are basically toasters.
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