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Default Re: OK

Originally posted by sdoziernc1 really seems like someone went through a lot of trouble to move this board to its' own website and make upgrades to it, only to shut down after a few weeks. Something tells me they were MADE to shut down.
I hope that isn't the case, if so,


One final thought: (and PLEASE, my friends, don't take this the wrong way)

In our zeal to Continue TOS, have WE done something wrong? Have we cast the Continuation effort in a bad light? Have we become Fanatics?

These are just some thoughts that suddenly surged to the forefront.

It used to be so simple -- I was in favor of a Continuation and I posted to that effect. Now, I just don't know. Maybe time to wash my hands of the whole damn thing!!

(I'm not leaving........yet)..

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