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Default Re: Lang has updated his Galactica Book

Well, I'll confess, after more exchanges, I have a lot less sympathy for the maniac.

Its amazing how hateful he is towards anything and everything.

His delusions are so extreme that I'd like to believe that he's just making them up, ... except given his devotion and passion that has continued unrelenting over an entire decade, I'm pretty sure that he's not. Anyone who runs BBoards to which he is the only member and to which he blocks the IPs of anyone who tries to read them is pretty extreme. He also hinted that he runs three Bboards whose partial purpose is to create accounts for people he dislikes and then ban those accounts in an act of revenge. He's done this to me on one of his boards in an attempt to get even with me.

... and part of his many problems with me is the way I lie about my personal life here at Colonial Fleets. He has serious issues with many of the claims I've made here, such as the time I claimed I was a secret agent in the British Secret Service and also the time when I enhanced that claim by bragging at how I'd been knighted by Queen Elizabeth. He's also certain that I was lying the time I claimed I was an IRS auditor. Even though that claim is more plausible, he knows that I can't be an IRS auditor because there is no way I could be working for the Federal government while engaging in my duties as a Universal Studios stealth marketer. He's seen through my disguise.

He also prides himself in that since I am the best that Universal Studios can throw at him to praise Ron Moore, my "lifelong friend since high school", he can expose Ron's sinister plots to the world through his books. The truth will come out despite my and Universal's continued attempts to keep the dark conspiracy against Battlestar Galactica silent. He can never quite define what the end result is for when everyone recognizes the authenticity of these evil plots but he's confident he will win in this regard because my constant praise of Ron Moore isn't fooling anyone. At present, he knows the truth of what Universal has done as he has "eyewitnessed" the plots and events as they unfolded, (presumably through some psychic ability he has yet to reveal to the world). Thus, through his personal observations, he's seen the direct attempted assassination of the original Battlestar Galactica by Universal Studios executive direction as to allow anyone to think positively of the original series would risk the downfall of their entire studio. (I'm piecing this last together based on his rants. He's never directly stated this because I don't think in the past decade he's ever actually tried to figure out any motivations for anyone other than a blanket belief that anything and everything connected with NBC must by its very nature, be pure evil. That includes the fans who state that he's wrong in his theories because no casual fan would argue with him. Thus, anyone who doubts is also part of the conspiracy.)

Of course when I challenged him to locate a single URL where I had made of any of the claims about myself on Fleets, he quickly explained that I'd masked them since I am one of the moderators here and scoffed when I said I wasn't as its the same excuse I used to mask my behind the scenes management of Tombs of Kobol, another site dedicated to praising Universal Studios, the Sci-Fi Channel, and Ron Moore specifically. When I likewise challenged him to provide a single shred of evidence of any of his theories that he didn't author himself under a different handle, he merely became more belligerent.

To be fair, my radical actions to protect Ron Moore's reputation at any and all costs have earned me this scorn. I'm sure you've all seen the many, many times I banned folks at for being critical of Ron. I'm still secretly managing the same actions here at Fleets and over at Tombs. That's partly why he knows I'm not employed by the British Secret Service. They wouldn't let me defend Ron as I do at each and every turn and still be trusted to save England.

Oh, I almost forgot. He also read where I came to Fleets and bragged about the time I "saved England". (No joke about that either. He really remembers me doing that.)

Clever guy. I thought I had him fooled.

I respect French maids for their minds.
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