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Default Re: Lang has updated his Galactica Book

Ouch. Alright clearly this guy is reading this forum. Activity over at Amazon is going on right now. Well...four minutes ago at least.

Andrew, it is not my place to comment on your feelings toward Russell. However as a proponent of promoting the original Battlestar Galactica to the public I have to say that you're not doing us any favors.

We all remember the stealth marketers. I personally had a few close calls with one or two of them. You're doing just as much damage to Galactica fandom as they ever did...and it is in a very public venue.

You're not making any friends on either side of the fence.

Those of us on the "front lines" representing this fan base owe it to the rest of our peers to do so respectfully and with integrity.

It is common sense that both concepts should apply to ones peers, however respect and integrity are twice as effective when demonstrated to those you disagree with.

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