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Default Re: Lang has updated his Galactica Book

Originally Posted by TwoBrainedCylon
If anything, I'm bothered that he's been used as the example of what the original series fans are like. He certainly has never done us any favors. I'm also bothered that for too many of us, myself included, there's a little bit of Lang's attitude lurking underneath. Lang isn't totally wrong in some of his basic concepts, ... Universal/Skiffy did hire stealth marketing folks for GINO and they did infiltrate the boards to create a false rally for GINO and batter the original series. To me, that's been proven beyond any doubts.

Unfortunately for Lang (and perhaps some others), the folks who engaged in this sort of conduct did so entirely for money. They had a product and they wanted to sell it. They didn't have a vendetta against the original series or its fans. They simply saw obstacles to the success of the series they were making and came up with the best solutions they could to make a difficult situation turn in their favor.
Whoa slow down TB!

Now i can admit that we've all got a certain 'negative side' to us no matter what we'd believe in as fans of whatever we'd support. And i'l even admit my own darkside at times if need be, but comparing us to Lang is akin to getting slapped in the face ('VERY HARD'), so sorry but i totally disagree with you on those previous comments unfortunately buddy.

I'll be many things, but i think i speak for all of us here when i say, we ain't nothing like Mr Fullen at all o.k. PERIOD, not even when we're being a little bias or militant in our opinions in our CF discussions.

Sorry you have to deal with him though Sandy, or anybody else we know of. Cos i'd be pissed if it were me or a bunch of us from the BG boards who were in anything Languatron put down in print. Seriously, the guy's sick and mentally ill or in a serious need of medical treatment if its come down to this kinda level of wanting so much attention (beyond being your own webpage poster/member?).

Despite our own failing as posters from time to time though, think it crosses a line when ill-informed comparisons in metaphor, are made in reference to him at all.

Like i said, haven't mentioned nor thought about him in years nor do i want to, i completely forgot he even existed until you actually made a post about his reply referring to you in his book's chapter. Like Ted Gropse (however its friggin spelt?) he's a nobody and a loser. And you've met Ted for one thing. And didn't the 'Moist Boys' via Stallion put up Lang's actual real life picture in that youtube vid a few years back?

He looks like several of my grandmas could "own" him in a fight!


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