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Default Re: Ancient Aliens Series

My question is: if these aliens came and gave all this great info to the ancients? What happened to them? I guess they didn't use the info very well!!!
If you consider the the possibility that the Anunnaki engineered humans by upgrading the existing primates on earth to create a slave worker race to make their mission on earth easier while they were here it all should make sense. One of the Anunnaki (the Serpant, Quitzicotal ,Prometheus or whatever you want to call him) enlightened man and really upset the status quo here.
Perhaps they still consider man just an animal and dont consider us worthy of formal relations. Earth may just be a back water out of the way rock in space that holds no real interest or value for them. Or Earth may be forbidden territory, and those A-hole aliens that visit occasionally to probe peoples rectums may be outlaws of some kind.
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