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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica / Planet of the Apes Crossover - Discussion Thread

Appreciate again the kind feedback, Jayworld.

No sequel will be forthcoming because long ago I realized that to do one justice without ultimately diminishing the magnitude of the original, it would have be a sweeping tale just as long as the original and there just isn't any concept I can think of that could interest me there. There was an excitement to writing this story since I had the luxury of rebuilding the flawed POTA universe from the ground up which was the really fun part of the whole thing which was why I let myself take so much time and caused the whole thing to expand like crazy. I have never written a single story even one half the length this one turned out to be. Probably if I'd been doing a series of short stories at the time, it would have been easier to carry the momentum.

I do recognize that there are interesting possibilities one can envision, but sometimes the beauty of a story can be letting the mind just envision those things (provided you haven't cheated the reader with a cliffhanger before and your main story has a "clean" ending).

Plus, I'll admit there's the time element. This story took up three years of my life when I was a third younger than I am now and I couldn't begin to imagine how much time trying something similar when the incentive factor isn't there to the same degree.
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