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Micheleh February 24th, 2003 09:06 PM

The whole point of all this sound and fury...
You know what? I think I've figured it out.

Every injunction, every argument, every persuasive speech, declaration, remonstration... all have one thing in common. They all mention somewhere the importance of at least watching the premier of the remake, in order to hate it for a good reason, make an informed choice, whatever.

Why? let me speculate- money.

They have to guarantee their sponsors a certain number of eyeballs to justify investing in this project. The sponsor boycott is not helping this, so by the gods, they are doing whatever they have to, down to such sophisticated tactics as saying "Go on, watch it, I dare you!" or "Watch just one, then hate it, please!" to get good numbers for teh premier.

The hinge of the argument seems to be in saying that if we can't have what we want (a continuation) that we must suport something else, or be written off forever. I don't believe this. If we have no power, and make no difference, then why the flurry of persuasive arguments? Even the letter from Ron Moore, clumsy as it is, is trying to shame the fanbase into meekly accepting his vision.

This project is in trouble. The advertisers want reasssurance, and the show of bravado is to try to desperately garner last minute support, I think. I also think that at this point, all we have to do is stand out ground, and wait.

Things will change.

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