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Rhaven Blaack November 17th, 2021 05:34 PM

Cobra MK-III (FSW)
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When I first started building paper/cardstock models, I started out scratch building the models that I wanted. My very first one was the Colonial Viper (from the original BSG). It was not until 2009/2010 that I started building kits/template models (starting with the Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter designed by Martin Saenger), and I have not stopped since.

With that being said, I was talking with my brother and was telling him about the models that I recently completed and what is in the beta test build queue (as well as a few projects that I have in mind to tackle). He proceeded to ask me when was the last model that I scratch built and what was it? I had told him that I had scratch build a FSW (forward swept wing) version of the Thunder Fighter (designation: MK-III). He then suggested that I do another (more recent scratch build (to "relive" my childhood again. However, I think that it is more for him to relive it, than I).

After some careful consideration, I decided to do another scratch build (of my own design). The general overall theme will be based off of the COBRA MK-III. However, there were quite a few of my own added features (i.e. think "SCARLET VIPER").

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Darrell Lawrence November 18th, 2021 03:18 AM

Re: Cobra MK-III (FSW)
Glad you didn't call it a Cobra Mk II :LOL:

That looks like it needs a 3D CGI made of it ;)

Rhaven Blaack November 18th, 2021 09:27 AM

Re: Cobra MK-III (FSW)

Originally Posted by Darrell Lawrence (Post 315907)
Glad you didn't call it a Cobra Mk II :LOL:

That looks like it needs a 3D CGI made of it ;)

Thank you!
Once of the designers that I working with has made mention of making a paper/cardstock model template of both the original model that I used as a guide and this one. Once done, they will be available for free download.

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