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Limerickcot June 1st, 2009 06:04 AM

TOS supplement for the BSG RPG
I've finished doing a write up for the RDM BSG military and it occurred to me, several times whilst doing it, that it would be fun to do a TOS supplement.

I like the game mechanism used (cortex), and adapting it for TOS shouldn't be too hard, surely.

But I also know my lack of knowledge on TOS so it will take me awhile and so, to avoid missing any areas, does anyone have any ideas they'd like to see me include?

My own thoughts are:
Colonial History
The War with the Cylons
Cylon History ???
Colonial Government
Colonial Military

Character Skills (hopefully none too different from the main rules)

Characters from TOS

Ships (probably not a problem to be fair - we have the stats for most of those squirreled away).

Aliens - hmmmmm

The Thin Blue Line panned out at 124 pages - I'd like to aim at about the same size.

Any thoughts?

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