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larocque6689 May 10th, 2004 10:06 PM

Celebrating 10 years of BSG-Theme
Here's a salute to the veteran warriors of BSG-Theme, the oldest BSG mailing list and online community, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this month.

In no particular order - Charles Norris, Eugenia Horne, Jim Stevenson, Melyssa Childs, Randy Jost, Eric Paddon, Stan Tackett, Jamie Norton, Lizbeth Marcs, Adam Stacey, Lee Storm, Tina Vivian, Wayne Killion, Sanna Guerin, Deejay Driscoll, Shannon WIley, Robert Hancyck, Sue Paxton, Sharon Monroe, Jeff Zahnen, Justin Collins, Michael Faries, Letitia Yao, Michelle Martin, Mark Semich, Mark Smith Jr., Rick Perriguey, Jim Winkelmann, Fran Severn-Levy, Jeff Kleist, Nathan Proia, Gregg Eshelman, Sandra Almeida, Jon Carroll, Calvin Lawrence, Alexander Attard, Arek Wdowiak, Josh Spencer, Chris Pappas, Mark Heiman and any others I left out.

Here's a short history of the list I wrote back in 1997:

Since then, it has moved to two consecutive Yahoo Egroups:
and currently:

Happy Ten Years!

LucianG May 11th, 2004 03:32 AM

Congratulations to all on 10 years! I didn't discover the on-line BG community until summer of 2000, so I'm glad we had Galactica fans blazing the internet "trail" for the rest of us.


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