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The 14th Colony March 1st, 2005 02:21 PM

A Dark and Winding Road...and the light around the bend.
Muffy, I wrote this several years ago. It is not about me exactly, as so many people who've read it have asked; but it is about what we all deal with and go through. Aside from some specifics in the narrative of the poem, this can and probably does apply to everybody in one way or another.

ďA Dark and Lonely RoadĒ
Ron L.P.

When I look in the mirror I donít like what I see
A face of despair looking back at me
I dreamed of goals that I thought I could achieve
I miss the life and the wife that I had to leave
Trying to start over has not been easy
Living a tired life, no less than sleazy
I started with a goal and God knows Iíve been trying
Nothing goes right and I end the day crying

Iím on a dark and lonely road
I feel so alone
Thereís no end in sight
But itís too late to go home

Storm clouds loom overhead, casting my life in darkness
Iím alone in the dark; how did I get into this mess?
I tried to break away from this mood that Iím in
But I just canít do it; thereís no way to win

Iím on a dark and lonely road
I canít see where Iím heading
Iím tired of the bumps and the bad luck that Iím getting
Iím on a dark and lonely road
And I canít find my way off
Itís a dark and lonely road, and Iíve had enough

Thoughts of suicide crossed my mind
As I remembered what I ruined, and what I left behind
Then I woke to a day that could have been my last
I dreamed of my life and the wife from my past
I saw a wonderful sight in the early morning light
A feeling of comfort filled my head
As an angel from heaven stood beside my bed
She began to speak and I distinctly heard
Her advice for me, her holy word
She said, ďFollow the Lord and donít stray from His course
Stand tall and strong, like a mighty white horse.
Donít give up on life, donít take that last dive
You are loved by God, and He wants you alive.
The light of the Lord will warm your cold,
And guide you off your dark and lonely road.Ē

Rays of hope broke through the dark
I made a new choice; it was right on the mark
I accepted the Lord; He came into my heart
I asked Him to change me; that was the start
I started my life over when I walked with the Lord
And I went back to the life and the wife I adored
Thereís still trouble ahead, but I trust in Messiah
Iíll face perils with a new faith; and life, a new desire

Iím on a dark and lonely road
But my Lord is leading the way
Iím on a dark and lonely road
And Heíll take my fears away

Iíll follow my Lord and Heíll show me where to go
Where the road ends, I still donít know

Iím on a dark and lonely road but God will lead me off
I believe in His promise, and Iím no longer lost

I donít know the future, but I know He has plans
I put my trust in Him, and my life in His hands

gmd3d March 1st, 2005 02:32 PM

Powerful ..powerful and Noble .:thumbsup:

Cylon Number 13 May 16th, 2006 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by Taranis
Powerful ..powerful and Noble .:thumbsup:

Ditto. :thumbsup:

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