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martok2112 January 11th, 2013 06:16 PM

iClone 4 PRO for Free in upcoming magazine issue...
For anyone interested in delving into 3D animation the way I do it, Reallusion will release a free version of iClone 4 PRO in 3D World magazine's February edition. Offer will be good 'til April.

From the announcement of the February 2013 issue of 3D World:

Download the complete version of iClone4 Pro for Windows, courtesy of Reallusion! iClone enables you to easily create CG movies for pre-viz or online distribution. Use the built-in content library to set up your scene, then customise your assets to create a unique movie! (Offer ends 30 April 2013.)

This is good for anyone who might have seen some of my work with iClone (I have iClone 5 PRO), and would like to take their shots at movie making. iClone 4 PRO is a very capable program. It doesn't have all the new features of iC5, but it is still a very good application, and considering that you're getting a 200 dollar program for FREE....I'd jump on it. There's a great community of iClone users at the Reallusion forums too.

Think on this..... get iClone 4 PRO for free from 3D World magazine, download Blender (current version) which is a free 3D modeling and animation program, and all you'd need is to buy 3DXChange 4 from Reallusion so that you can make conversions of your .obj models for use in iClone 4. All told, your pipeline will probably only cost 150 bucks, plus the cost of the magazine that month.

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