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Sarika September 30th, 2013 11:11 PM

Ancient Aliens Series
I bought this first series on DVD late last year, (not sure if there were a second series or not), and I loved it!
I have read other books similar, including that of course Von Daniken 's Chariots of the Gods, who is featured quite a bit in this series.

What did anyone else who has seen this think of it?
I am personally logically convinced of what they have presented here.

Charybdis October 1st, 2013 07:06 AM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series
I have seen some of these. They were showing some last night. I liked the one on Orion since it is my favorite constellation and the pyramids show was cool too.

My question is: if these aliens came and gave all this great info to the ancients? What happened to them? I guess they didn't use the info very well!!! ;)

Sarika October 1st, 2013 10:45 PM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series
In reply to your question Charybdis, in the words of Count Iblis, the earth has had many rises and falls.
Basic history can tell you that.
However basic history that has been taught to us of our world and civilizations is mostly incorrect. Especially that of world history timelines.
And that of the technology the ancients possessed.
What happened to them you ask?

Look at simply history, many cultures that were once great often suffer from invasions from other cultures, thus waging wars often, civilizations are lost through being either conquered by their invaders, and thus much of what they had is destroyed or lost.
If you're wondering why there isn't much left over of those ancients technological hardware, think about it.
That kind of high tech stuff , if left to the weather and time, it breaks down until it turns to rust and eventually dust scattered across the terrain, if it has nor been kept somewhere preserved.
The stuff that survives are the simple things like stone instruments or tools, which then deceive archeologists and scientists to presume that , this was all the ancient peoples had to work with.

As civilizations went into ruin, degeneration set in, as those left forgot or did not have a thorough understanding or learning of their once great achievements, knowledge and technology.

Consider, if our civilization of today suddenly were attacked or invafed, and cities were destroyed and technology with it, and all that's left are the survivors , do you think everyone one of them would have a expert knowledge of all their former technology?
Only some might, but many would not know how to build a spaceship or a computer.
So, those who might know are limited and no longer have the supplies or materials left to rebuild the level of technological advancement they were once accustomed to.
So it is understandable how once golden civilizations are just as susceptible to fall , like we today are also susceptible to loose our standard of living/science/technology.

What we have discovered in our so called modern age, has simply only been re-discovered by what our ancients possessed from those ancient alien ancestors.
And we do not know the entire collection of what they knew.
There is indeed much more mind blowing things, that will one day be revealed.;)

Punisher454 October 3rd, 2013 12:04 AM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series
I've watched quite a bit of the series, and done some related studies.

I think they get a lot of things right, but they also try to tie everything into ancient astronaut theory. IMO they need to quit using the shotgun method.

I think the real evidence is in DNA. I believe its a construct, a sort of programming code that used base4 rather than binary like out computers. It has structure and characteristics of computer code, switches, subroutines, error correction etc...
It also has programmer comment sections, and code sections that are "commented out".
there is also something interesting about human and primate DNA, one of them(human or primate I forget) has one chromosome which has the commented sections cleaned out and condensed, as if the programmer decided to finalize that version.

Of course if this is true, the academic, religious and medical establishments will ridicule and deny it. so even if you had proof, it would be summarily dismissed. Just like if UFO's flew in formation over the white house in front of thousands, the media and government would just deny it ever happened (in 1952 fighter jets were told to shoot down UFO's over DC).

My favorite visual evidence is the band of holes. If you havent seen it just use google earth and follow it. I think this was made by some sort of exploratory mining machine that traversed the land taking samples. De-bunkers try to claim that people used the holes in ancient times to bury food stores, thats idiotic.

One other interesting thing is that Mars is heavily contaminated by an isotope (forget which one right now) that is only created in nuclear explosions, in other words it may be that Mars was heavily nuked at one point long ago.

this is interesting:

Senmut October 3rd, 2013 12:07 AM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series
Agreed. The conventional history we got in school is woefully woeful.

Punisher454 October 3rd, 2013 12:45 AM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series

My question is: if these aliens came and gave all this great info to the ancients? What happened to them? I guess they didn't use the info very well!!!
If you consider the the possibility that the Anunnaki engineered humans by upgrading the existing primates on earth to create a slave worker race to make their mission on earth easier while they were here it all should make sense. One of the Anunnaki (the Serpant, Quitzicotal ,Prometheus or whatever you want to call him) enlightened man and really upset the status quo here.
Perhaps they still consider man just an animal and dont consider us worthy of formal relations. Earth may just be a back water out of the way rock in space that holds no real interest or value for them. Or Earth may be forbidden territory, and those A-hole aliens that visit occasionally to probe peoples rectums may be outlaws of some kind.

Senmut October 3rd, 2013 03:59 AM

Re: Ancient Aliens Series
Or, given the above scenario, the Annunaki have died out, or their civilization was destroyed by whomever.

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