View Full Version : Life’s Lessons

November 21st, 2018, 01:21 PM
Having fought cancer, I have learned some things. One of the things that I came to see is that you never know how strong you are mentally, even at your weakest and you think you can’t take anymore. I went through this and what made me stronger mentally is something my maternal grandmother told us all and at one of my worst points, my Mom reminded me of this. My grandmother always told us “God doesn’t give you anything he thinks you can’t handle.” Hearing those words gave me the strength to fight harder and be more determined everyday.

Another thing that my battle taught me is that you never know how many lives you have touched. I found this out at my high school reunion while going through the initial fight. I thought I only had a few friends from the class I graduated with. Turned out I was wrong, I had several friends! When my classmates found out about my having cancer, they hugged me and told me they were thinking of me and to send cancer packing. Even my friends on other sites I frequent were supportive. It meant so much to me and still does.

So just remember that you are never alone and that you are stronger than you think you are.