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  1. Some good thoughts on Taken
  2. Remember Wonder Woman
  3. Unseen Evil on Showtime Beyond
  4. OT: the Scapers DID IT!
  5. OT - Letter writing campaign for "V: The Second Generation"
  6. "X2: X-Men United" now available (Region 1)
  7. Preview for Thunderbirds the movie.
  8. Firefly Personality Test
  9. THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK & why we won't see a continuation of BSG
  10. "Scotty" from star trek has Alzheimers
  11. The great Jerry Goldsmith has passed away...
  12. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century and Matrix Trilogy DVD news
  13. Farscape is back!
  14. "To Boldly Go Where No Trek Has Gone Before...."
  15. Klingon Head Article (inc. Interesting John Colicos picture)
  16. Experimenting with some more FX...
  17. Exclusive Save Enterprise Interview with Scott Bakula
  18. The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury
  19. The end of 'Star Trek: Enterprise'?
  20. Star Trek Enterprise's Fan Force effort?
  21. 'Enterprise' To Be Syndicated This Fall'
  22. The Last Slipstream - Poem by Kevin Sorbo
  23. V: Remake News
  24. Free Enterprise DVD News.
  25. Sounds Familiar
  26. Great War of Magellan
  27. Update from JMS
  28. Enterprise Cancelled
  29. "Serenity" preview in London, U.K. Feb 8
  30. Firefly's Morena Baccarrin sighting
  31. Star Trek TNG Jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Orig-War of the Worlds
  33. Enterprise Fans Buy L.A. Ad
  34. Scott Bakula on the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise
  35. Kubrick 2001: The Space Odyssey Explained
  36. Plans To Save 'Enterprise' Go Forward
  37. Frakes Confirms 'Enterprise' Finale Appearance
  38. Babylon 5's Straczynski Wants To Reboot Trek
  39. Sci Fi rep says the network will not be producing new episodes of Enterprise
  40. Star Trek.Com Article: Fans Unite in Attempt to Save Enterprise
  41. Weird: Vulcan Blalock Dreams of Spock Love
  42. Funny ST Cartoon
  43. General Sci-Fi Jokes
  44. Feb 25 Enterprise Rally Pics, Video, & other News
  45. B5 TMoS Movie is shelved
  46. IGN: The Who Report: Did Sci Fi Pass on the Series?
  47. Space 1999 DVD Sale Megaset
  48. Boston Herald: Don't Spike `Enterprise' just yet!
  49. ENT Fans: No New Episodes until 04/15/2005
  50. Something for Trek fans new and old...
  51. Lexx Fans: Xenia Seeberg puts Xev Costume on eBay
  52. ENT News Article: Can Sci-Fi Fans Face The Future?
  53. ENT Fan Film
  54. New Doctor Who series leaked on internet!
  55. Billingsley Agrees With Paramount: Fan Money Won't Save ENT
  56. For serious fans of Space:1999...
  57. ENT Final Production Report - 03/10/2005
  58. Screenwriter Jendresen Wants Less Sterile Star Trek
  59. Interesting Insights into the "Kirk" ENT episodes
  60. Lexx Fans Chat with Xenia Seeburg 03/14/2005
  61. GWOM question
  62. Doctor Who Dead Ringer
  63. Brannon Braga on Trek's future; Enterprise; Galactica; New CBS series
  64. From Vrrrm.com: Farewell Comments from the ENT Cast
  65. Eccleston quits Doctor Who role
  66. icWales: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  67. CG Channel - Interview - STAR TREK's Robert Bonchune
  68. L.A. Times: 'Star Trek' Bit Players Cling On
  69. B5 Fans: JMS is having a Yard Sale (eBay)
  70. Paramount Refused Fan Money
  71. ENT fans: check your local listings for this Friday 4/15
  72. The End of an Era...We Chat With Cast and Crew of Star Trek Enterprise!
  73. What are you watching tonight? 04/15/2005
  74. 'Enterprise' beams up, but 'Star Trek' lives on
  75. David Tennant confirmed as the tenth Doctor Who
  76. Producer Works For Trek Fans?
  77. Coto Believes Next Trek Showrunner Will Be Outsider
  78. Sci Fi universe colonizes brave new worlds
  79. Picture of Brandon Routh in Superman Returns
  80. In a Mirror, Darkly Podcast
  81. From The L.A. Times: An ill-fated SOS for 'Trek'
  82. Serenity
  83. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  84. Enterprise - In A Mirror, Darkly
  85. N.Y. Times: Its Long Trek Over, the Enterprise Pulls Into Dry Dock
  86. Star Trek reaches its very final frontier
  87. 'Enterprise' Lost
  88. Last mission: Say so long to 'Star Trek'
  89. ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ prepares to drop out of warp for good
  90. Star Trek: The Final Episode
  91. Jolene Blalock talks about the last episode
  92. Berman: Season Four Wasn't The Manny Coto Show!
  93. CNN interviews Nichelle Nichols and Connor Trinneer
  94. Make it so long: 'Star Trek: Enterprise' ends, along with an era
  95. One fan's thoughts on TV's failing 'Enterprise'
  96. CNN Interviews Walter Koenig
  97. CNN Interviews George Takei and Anthony Montgomery
  98. Too big to kill
  99. The final, final frontier
  100. Remember when "Star Trek" was special?
  101. Time to take off
  102. 'Trek' finale: Big promise, no payoff
  103. Spaced out: 'Star Trek' is in dry dock, but it changed our world
  104. BBC audio interview with Leonard Nimoy
  105. "These are the Voyages" Comments
  106. SciFi Channel lands repeat rights to Firefly
  107. After Star Wars We Have Serenity!
  108. Piper quits Doctor Who
  109. Found! Exclusive Lost Spoilers!
  110. Sky1 crosses the "Threshold"
  111. RHW posts his original vision for Andromeda
  112. Transcript of Berman and Braga Conference Call about the Series Finale
  113. The Fandom Interviews Marina Sirtis
  114. TV Guide Free Star Trek Room Makeover
  115. UFO Stars Ed Bishop and Michael Billington Have Died
  116. SCI FI To Air Firefly Episodes in it's intended order
  117. Physics genius plans to make 'Star Trek' replicator a reality
  118. Mark Hamill in Batman Sequel?
  119. 'Serenity' seekers: What makes sci-fi fans go cosmic?
  120. Anyone else on here a Forever Knight fan?
  121. The Browncoats Rise Again...
  122. Forever Knight
  123. Indy Star article on Serenity sneek peek
  124. Toronto Star Serenity article
  125. Fan Trek: Starship Exeter new episode
  126. Thoughts about new shows
  127. Space Above and Beyond DVD's
  128. Time to Celebrate!
  129. 'Star Trek' Star James Doohan Dies
  130. Why SciFI Friday?
  131. GWoM comic--next week?
  132. On SciFi today
  133. The New Doctor Who-pic.
  134. Space above and beyond
  135. The 4400
  136. [Movie Rumors] What have you heard?
  137. V Remake Stalled At NBC
  138. Parallels
  139. Morbid and creepifyin'
  140. Steve Austin's Stepfather Is Dead
  141. seaQuest dvds
  142. above and beyond
  143. For those are upset with SFC's prgramming since Hammer has taken over...
  144. Breakaway Day.
  145. Surface
  146. Favourite ST: TOS Episode
  147. The Babylon 5 Movies
  148. Serenity--message from Joss
  149. Matt Busch news...
  150. S: 1999 – Didn't Know Anything About This!
  151. Serenity Reviews [NO SPOILERS!]
  152. So, Anyone See Threshold Last Night?
  153. TV show fan
  154. "V" Brief
  155. Funnies at Startrek.com
  156. Doctor Who - Your Favourite Villans
  157. U.S.S. Titan Design
  158. The Greatest SF Series of the 20th Century
  159. Lost - which is kinda Scifiy so I'm puttin' it here...
  160. Surface Gets More Air
  161. Invasion Goes Full Term
  162. Space 1999 Special Edition DVD
  163. Suprise From Space Channel
  164. Star Trek TOS fan film Exeter
  165. Between the Darkness and the Light
  166. The Space Channel Salutes You!
  167. Michael Piller's Memorial service
  168. Enterprise/TOS RPS
  169. Which scifi crewmember are you?
  170. First sci-fi FanFILM makes history !
  171. the triangle
  172. Threshold
  173. Serenity DVD review...
  174. A Silly Question…I bit and answered
  175. OT - The new K.I.T.T.
  176. You gotta see this
  177. STTNG and STDS9 DVD discounted.
  178. Sci-Fi (series) DVD recommendations? Help me out Warriors!
  179. Efforts to save Surface have been launched
  180. "V" – Still No News
  181. Anyone Remember Project UFO? (1978)
  182. Request for Buck Rogers screenshot
  183. Kelso Is Gone. Paul Carr
  184. Darren McGavin-RIP
  185. Andreas "G'Kar" Katsulas R.I.P.
  186. Is this the place for a ST:TNG / BSG crossover fanfic?
  187. dr. who is coming to the u.s. soon
  188. unresolved series
  189. Time Tunnel Volume 2-June 6
  190. Tron is on today
  191. fantastic--it's the new dr. who
  192. Moonraker
  193. Exeter Segment 2 up and running!
  194. Attention Trekkers and Trekkies (and Trekkettes!)
  195. Man From Atlantis
  196. Anyone enjoying the new Dr. Who series this spring?
  197. Superman Returns Trailer #2
  198. alias ends well
  199. Do you have any old Doctor Who episodes - ALL please read !
  200. Movie Review--X3: The Last Stand
  201. Transformer's June/July news
  202. V: The Second Generation News
  203. Superman Returns TODAY
  204. Transformers movie teaser trailer is up
  205. Look, up in the sky! The Amazing Story of Superman
  206. The Nova War
  207. The Nova War
  208. Transformers teaser seen at London Film ComicCon
  209. The War of the Galaxy- A Galactic Threat
  210. Voyage to the bottom of the sea dvds
  211. J. Madison Wright Died
  212. Jurassic park 4 poster
  213. Donner Cut Superman 2 Clips Online
  214. Firefly fan audio...
  215. Some Transformer thoughts 8/20/06
  216. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles finally gets a release date!
  217. Doctor Who and Serenity Win Hugos!
  218. Trek HD DVD Release.
  219. Superman Returns R1 DVD Artwork
  220. Star Trek Auction Catalogue Online
  221. eureka
  222. jericho
  223. STAR TREK : Of Gods and Men Filming Complete !
  224. Spider-Man 3 Baddies- villain concept art
  225. Space Academy on DVD
  226. New STAR TREK ship
  227. Six Million Dollar Man Rules!
  228. Star Trek Voyager on Spike TV!
  229. Buck Rogers Bedroom Scene?
  230. AIRWOLF soars again!
  231. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
  232. New Bionic Woman Series
  233. Buck Rogers
  234. A burning Question (USS Intrepid NCC-74600)
  235. For all Trekkers out there
  236. Any "Heroes " fans out there...
  237. New ST:Enterprise Intro
  238. Space Above and beyond trailer for season 2
  239. Underdog Movie
  240. For Voyager Fans: The First Captain Janeway
  241. Best Show Not on Television
  242. Stargate Atlantis, a main character is leaving (Spoilers Ahead)
  243. Return to Jericho
  244. lis bg comparisons
  245. Can anyone name the Lost in Space Actors who showed up on Babylon 5?
  246. A fun Disney memory...
  247. Star Trek XI Enterprise ?
  248. "The A-Team" Finally Moving Forward
  249. the last mimzy
  250. Enterprise-J Fully Rendered